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Seven summer financial bottlenecks

In biz-speak, a bottleneck is a point of congestion that causes delays or inefficiencies, leading to higher costs. It’s a perfect metaphor for farm finances at a time of year when the bottle we’d rather be thinking about might have something cold in it, with us sitting on a dock. Yet summer is a too-good-to-miss[...]
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Canadian dollar outlook

Market Talk with Jerry Klassen

The Canadian dollar experienced a sharp rally from May through September as the Bank of Canada implemented a tighter monetary policy. This was somewhat negative for fed and feeder cattle prices. However, since early September, the Canadian dollar has deteriorated and I’ve received many inquiries over the past few weeks with regard to future market[...]
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Farm bankruptcies down, but not out – just different

Winnipeg | CNS Canada – Fewer farms means fewer bankruptcies but with that simple equation comes the realization that the size and tone of those bankruptcies in North America is growing. “They are larger, the amount of debt is greater, the fact that we’re not seeing a higher number doesn’t mean there isn’t considerable distress[...]
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Four common foreign exchange myths

Gwen Paddock, senior director, agriculture at RBC is a specialist in agribusiness. Since earning her B.Sc. with a major in agriculture economics she has been working with agriculture clients. A farmer at heart, Paddock was raised on a beef cow-calf farm outside Guelph, Ont.

What’s the margin?

Do you know the economics behind your production practices?

Even though the production components of your business are important, they don’t make or break it for you. The most important part of any business is in managing the business itself. The economics and finances behind the production practices are more important than the production practice itself. Two producers can use the same production practice.[...]
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Kenyon: Set up a proactive cash flow

A few financial tips for a smoother-running operation

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Production practices are not the most important part of my business. Intensive cell grazing or bale grazing cannot make or break my business alone. The business side to my ranch is much more important. To see if a production practice is viable for my operation[...]
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Comment: Is it time to raise the national checkoff?

For much of this year you have read or heard about Canada’s national beef strategy, but this fall the attention of the cattle associations across the country will swing around to paying for the strategy. A campaign is being put together for provincial cattle organizations to present the argument for raising the national mandatory checkoff[...]
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