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How does your feed measure up? This livestock nutritionist decodes the numbers.

A closer look at your feed test

A ruminant nutritionist provides us with an in-depth look at a real-life feed test for hay

In a year like this, feed testing is “prudent,” says Courtney O’Keefe, ruminant nutritionist with Blue Rock Animal Nutrition at Innisfail, Alta. “It’s going to help you make those decisions and balance that ration accordingly.” O’Keefe takes us through a recent feed test (see example below) for mixed grass-legume hay, noting that nutritionists tend to […] Read more

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Hay-starved Prairies fertile ground for online scammers

At least $64,000 lost in Alberta alone, RCMP says

High demand, scarce supplies and rising prices for hay and other feeds due to this summer’s drought on the Prairies have made a market for online scammers, RCMP warn. The urgency driving such transactions may cause ranchers, farmers and farm workers to make purchases “without taking time to properly verify or research production sources,” Alberta […] Read more

CME February 2022 live cattle (candlesticks) with 20-, 50- and 100-day moving averages (pink, brown and black lines). (Barchart)

U.S. livestock: Chicago cattle firm on export demand

CME hog futures fall on meaty supply

Chicago | Reuters — Chicago Mercantile Exchange live and feeder cattle futures firmed on Thursday, as relatively steady cash cattle prices offset higher feed costs weighing on the feeder market, traders said. Meanwhile, lean hog futures continued to slide on a seasonal trend of robust supplies, even as hog slaughter rates showed signs of slowing. […] Read more

When asking lenders for money, make sure you know your expected revenues, expenses, net worth, cash flow and how you’ll make payments. Don’t be afraid to ask lenders questions, especially around ratios.

Financing for first-timers

Two bankers offer tips for young producers preparing to talk to a lender

Getting prepared to meet with a banker to get a loan can be fraught with anxiety, especially if you’re young, eager to build a cattle business, and don’t have a lot of financial experience. Canadian Cattlemen talked to two experts about how to better equip yourself for success. “First and foremost, I’d want to know […] Read more

VIDEO: Breeding corn for cows, not combines

VIDEO: Breeding corn for cows, not combines

Driving down the road you’d be hard-pressed to distinguish the difference between a grain or silage corn crop, but your cow surely knows the difference when it comes to nutrition and digestibility. In this video, Tyler Russell of NorthStar Genetics talks about what traits are important to cattle and to the producers who harvest the […] Read more

Drought and searing heat have had a severe impact on feed crops such as corn, wheat and soybeans.

Drought rears its ugly head

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay

BSE cases and E.Coli O 157:H7 recalls have roiled the North American beef industry over the past 25 years. But neither have had more of a long-running impact on the industry as drought. Severe to extreme drought conditions have now returned to much of the western half of the continent and are having an impact […] Read more

In a dry pasture, cattle will also eat a lot of tall larkspur, which contains many toxic alkaloids.

Unconventional: Salvaging crops and feeding weeds during drought

Whether you’re eyeing a flax crop or baling ditches and sloughs, here’s what you need to know about alternative feeds

In drought years it’s often challenging to provide adequate forage for cattle. Sometimes producers use alternative feeds which might include drought-stressed or salvaged crops. Dr. Bart Lardner, professor in the department of animal and poultry science at the University of Saskatchewan, says some of the drought-stressed crops that might be available include annuals such as […] Read more

Many provinces – as well as the federal government – announced increased funding in August to help support producers hit by drought this year.

CCA reports: Better days on the horizon

From the September 27, 2021 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

I am pleased to see the world is starting to open and return somewhat to pre-pandemic life. For the first time in a long time, those able to travel had the opportunity to get together in person at the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) semi-annual meeting held in Calgary in August to discuss industry issues and […] Read more

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Feed weekly outlook: Shortages leading to price increases

MarketsFarm — Prices for feed grains are swinging higher because of shortages, according to Mike Fleischhauer of Eagle Commodities Ltd. in Lethbridge. “One thing we are sure of is we are running out of inventory, barley for sure, and we’re 11 months away from new crop,” he said. This year’s severe drought and excessive heat […] Read more