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History: Hidden in the Wagon Trail

Reprinted from the July 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Walrond buildings and corrals at an early date.

Hidden in the Wagon Trail (A brief biography of Mr. and Mrs. C. Vaile)
By Irene E. McCaugherty

‘I met Mr. Charlie Vaile while attending a rodeo in Claresholm, Alberta. One could sense his interest and admiration for the cowboys but his main attention focussed on the horses. I’m sure many thoughts flashed through his mind that day. Memories of hours in the saddle – the thrill of riding a well-trained animal and the expectancy of watching a lasso rope settle round the neck of a calf as it streaked like a flash of lightning across the range. Yes, Mr Vaile’s mind could have harboured many thoughts that day.’

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