History: George Godin, alias Kiskawasis

Reprinted from the December 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: George Godin, alias Kiskawasis

George Godin, alias Kiskawasis
By WM. Bleasdell Cameron, Meadow Lake, Sask.

‘Editors Note – The author is the sole survivor of the Frog Lake massacre in the Rebellion of 1885. He is a writer of note on the subject relating to that stirring period of Canadian history. His book entitled “The War Trail of Big Bear”, now on the rare book list, is a fascinating story on the rebellion. By popular demand a reprint of it no doubt will be made.

A man sat on a cot in the Mounted Police guardroom at Regina in the drab November afternoon of a day long past, staring through the iron bars of his cell door into the darkening corridor. The man was small and lean, with straight black hair and eyes and because of an Indian mother and a French half-breed father, skin the color on walnut.’

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