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History: They Fight to the Finish

Reprinted from the March 1947 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: They Fight to the Finish

They Fight to the Finish
By Mary Terrill, Medicine Hat, Alta.

‘His huge paw on the carcass of the buffalo calf he had just slain, the old grizzly monarch of the Cypress Hills roared his defiance at the calf’s bellowing mother and proceeded to drag off his quarry to the safety of the tall timber nearby.

Abe Farwell, riding along the edge of the bush on the south slope of the Cypress Hills, drew rein, and there, early in 1872 the western fur trader witnessed a fight tot he finish between a buffalo bull and a grizzly bear.

“Thet ole b’ar shore savvied what he was up agin,” the hoary, weatherbeaten trader told the late Rev. James W. Morrow of Medicine Hat. “Half carryin’ the calf, he wuz makin’ quick tracks fer the timber, with a three-legged sidlin’ slope. He was shore coverin’ ground fast… But not fast enough.”‘

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