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The early days of amateur radio on the farm: Part 2

History pages from the March 1948 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Calling CQ – Calling CQ: Part 2
By Slim Marsden, Vulcan, Alta.

‘Ranchers with access to a ham (radio) station or who are now ops, are waned by another Ham far away to the north of the coming blizzards, or other phenomena that might affect the other’s interests in plenty of time for the one to get ready for the blast. A ranch-hand suffers a sudden attack of appendicitis, he is a ham himself or his employer is, and a station is rigged up in the bunk house or attic of the big boss’ house.

They might make a call to whom-so-ever might hear them, and somewhere a ham is listening, and picks up your distress call and if he is not close enough in to the nearest town where your doctor resides, he will relay your message to the closest-in ham station who hears his voice…”

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