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Manitoba extends fertilizing deadline to Saturday

A warmer-than-usual November has allowed Manitoba’s conservation and water stewardship department to delay its winter fertilizing ban until Saturday (Nov. 14). With soil temperatures not yet at the freezing point, the province announced Monday it would extend its deadline for spreading of phosphorus and/or nitrogen, including synthetic fertilizers and/or manure, to Nov. 14 from Nov. […] Read more

Schuepbach cows grazing rye.

Ryegrass works for winter grazing cows

The only drawback is some extra birth weight on the calves

Andy Schuepbach, a registered Hereford breeder in southern Alberta, uses two varieties of ryegrass to provide fall and winter feed for his cattle. The high protein content of these grasses eliminates the need for any other protein source. “We grow barley for silage, and after it’s seeded we seed 10 pounds of a mixture of […] Read more

The study sampled leafy greens from nine vegetable plots at varying distances from a cattle feedlot over a two-year period.

Wider buffer zone from feedlots recommended

The current U.S. recommended buffer zone between cattle feedlots and vegetables may be too narrow, say scientists writing in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. “The high percentages of leafy greens contaminated with E. coli suggest great risk for planting fresh produce 180 m (590 feet) or less from a feedlot,” the investigators write. That […] Read more