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This array of solar panels was installed this summer at the KCL Cattle Company feedlot near Lethbridge.

Alberta feedlot harnesses the power of sun

Solar panels supply some power on this feedlot, but they probably wouldn’t be here without government funding

Feeding cattle in sunny southern Alberta offers an opportunity to producers interested in alternate energy sources. Les Wall and his family saw this potential with their bright location and have recently installed solar technology to help power part of their operation. Les and his wife Lisa started KCL Cattle Company in 1999, beginning with their […] Read more

The Batt-Latch can utilize solar power to release cattle onto new grazing without human intervention.

On-farm grass solutions embrace the sun and energy efficiencies

A few small changes can really add up 
to greater efficiency over time

Many of Manitoba’s agricultural producers are embracing common-sense, energy-efficient, low carbon footprint mechanisms on everything from watering and fencing systems to forage crops. Some, like the Circle H Farms, openly rely on sunshine and the power that the sun provides on numerous fronts, including allowing cattle access to grazing. “Our solar-powered Batt-Latches allow us to […] Read more

Tips for negotiating wind and solar leases

Tips for negotiating wind and solar leases

Leasing land for commercial wind and solar power developments is an opportunity for additional revenue that might someday come knocking on your door. It’s a long-term commitment, so making an informed decision before signing on will go a long way toward smooth operations for you, your neighbours and the developer, says Jeana Schuurman with the […] Read more

Planning for 2014

For most of us the winter months are the slowest work-wise. This might be an ideal time to do some strategic planning for 2014. Rest assured that thinking and planning will pay more than working. Many jobs can be delegated or hired out. Thinking and planning require that we do the hard work. One of […] Read more

home-built solar energy collector

Home-built solar basics

I recently had the privilege of talking to two groups of producers in Saskatchewan regarding construction of solar water systems. We run a wide variety of systems in our operation, and they are basically built using the principle of being the most cost-effective solution for our problem. Included in these solutions are gas pumps, nose […] Read more