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Three generations of the Stokke family take a break from working cattle for a picture. Randy and Terry are happy to see that the land that has supported their family will continue to do so into the future.

Dealing with a protection order for species at risk

Decades of carefully managing native pastures, documentation and open communication were key to convincing government officials and conservationists that this ranch is supporting wildlife

A landscape like the Palliser Triangle holds its own challenges for raising livestock. These trials are well understood by those who make their living on the arid plains, shaping how they manage the native prairie to sustain their herds and the world around them. But when an emergency protection order (EPO) under the federal Species […] Read more

picturesque green field and blue sky

SARPAL spreads to Manitoba

Sustainability: News Roundup from the April 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Beef producers in southwestern Manitoba are front and centre in a project exploring ways to preserve or create important habitat for bird species at risk. The $750,000 SARPAL (species at risk partnerships on agricultural lands) initiative administered by Manitoba Beef Producers couples producers’ knowledge of the land and cattle with conservation specialists’ scientific knowledge of […] Read more


Restricted zone tightens for Algonquin wolf hunting

Farmers will be able to protect their livestock and families from Algonquin wolves in any areas and hunting will only be restricted in areas near four parks, allaying some concerns of farmers after the wolf was declared a threatened species. Kathryn McGarry, Ontario minister of natural resources and forestry, spoke to the Ontario Federation of […] Read more

Greater Sage Grouse

The Greater Sage Grouse

Four key insights from the man who developed 'Holistic Management'

I recently attended a meeting in Medicine Hat, Alta. The meeting was sponsored by The Western Stock Growers’ Association and Sustainable Canada (a group of concerned ranchers). The meeting dealt with the fact that the greater sage grouse has been declared an endangered species. This was followed by an Emergency Order for the Protection of […] Read more

Fee-for-service conservation

Ranchers engineered it now they are testing it out to see how it works in the real world

It’s been 80 years since respected American professor, ecologist and author, Aldo Leopold, recognized that conservation would ultimately boil down to rewarding private landowners who preserve the public interest. The southwestern Saskatchewan ranchers who formed the Ranchers Stewardship Alliance Inc. (RSAI) in 2010 believe that day has arrived. As to how it can be done, […] Read more