From the Pampas to the Prairies, 1872-1885: Part 3

Reprinted from the June 1948 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

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From the Pampas to the Prairies, 1872-1885: Part 3
C.D. LaNauze, Lacombe, Alta.

The author’s father writing in a letter to the North West Mounted Police:

‘Fort Walsh via Fort Assiniboia, Montana, U.S.A., July 16, 1880. Here we are at last at Headquarters having had just a month’s journey from Sarnia, Ontario. We had steamed up the great Missouri River for over 1,000 miles till we arrived at Fort Benton. The river is not navigable any further. We took wagons to carry the baggage and for those who did not like walking, and we averaged about 30 miles per day. I walked all the way, 150 miles, it being much preferable to the jolting of the wagons.’

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