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Television Report on cattle
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Bridging the rural-urban media divide

I’ve had a couple of conversations with producers recently about criticism of the beef industry in urban media and public perceptions of beef production. I’m also on a virtual ag media panel for the Advancing Women in Ag conference slated for Nov. 24 to 25, and one of the questions we were asked to cover […] Read more

Beef cattle feeding in Ontario. (DebraLee Wiseberg/iStock/Getty Images)

COVID-19 strains already-battered Ontario beef industry

Limited processing capacity remains financial challenge for province's feedlot sector, despite recent increase in retail demand

Ontario’s beef industry was already in the midst of an economic crisis, but COVID-19 is worsening the financial toll on the province’s cattle feeders. Due to extremely limited processing plant capacity, an uncompetitive market and disruptions to trade and market access, Ontario’s beef industry was losing an average of more than $2 million per week […] Read more

The CCA wishes producers from coast to coast a safe and happy holiday season.

CCA Reports: Building capacity within Canada and re-establishing exports

From the December 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The past month has been extremely active for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA). On the foreign trade front, the CCA was extremely pleased with the resumption of trade with China in late November. Following discovery of fraudulent pork export certificates on June 25, 2019, Canadian exports of meat were halted. Since June, CCA has been […] Read more

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African swine fever – watch and learn

Vet Advice with Dr. Ron Clarke

Many human infectious diseases travel at the speed of the fastest airplane. It’s critical for those involved in the animal protein business — be it beef, poultry or pork anywhere on the globe — to remain vigilant of what’s happening with international neighbours struggling with highly infectious diseases in animals, and learn. No one in […] Read more

History: The Internal Change in the Commercial Beef Industry of Canada

Reprinted from the July 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Internal Change in the Commercial Beef Industry of Canada By Edward H. Burles, Calgary, Alta. ‘During the late 1800’s and possibly the first 10 years of the present century it was the general practice to sell by the head depending on the age and sex. Following this period there was a swing to price […] Read more

cattle in a feedlot

A year of green grass and more

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay: from the January 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Another year has begun and expectations on both sides of the border are for a decent year. Cow-calf producers hope for a mild winter but enough snow to produce a lot of green grass this spring and a good calving season. Cattle feeders hope to see more feeder cattle and a more stable live cattle […] Read more