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A flank steak. Nutrition, quality and cost are some of the factors millennials interviewed for this story cited when buying beef.

Winning over millennials

Overall millennials see beef production less favourably than other generations, but sharing positive stories and making personal connections can win longtime fans

This is the final instalment in a three-part series on millennial consumers and the opportunities for Canadian beef producers to better understand this demographic. You can read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. Junelle Dion is a fan of Canadian beef, and directly supporting a rancher makes purchasing beef even more satisfying. “I love […] Read more

The new grading label conveys grading information to Canada’s international customers.

Canada Beef cooks up new marketing ideas

Marketing: News Roundup from the April 2020 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Canada Beef is looking for new ways to promote old favourites such as ground beef, Michael Young told attendees of the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference earlier this year. The ground beef category represents 60 to 65 per cent of retail sales, Young, president of Canada Beef, told the crowd. But a lack of recent innovations […] Read more

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$2.50 national check-off on track for 2018

Policy: News Roundup from the January 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Most Canadian beef producers will be kicking in another $1.50 per marketed head to the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off starting at some point in 2018, with the long overdue increase in funds being used to further marketing and research efforts for the industry. The national check-off, which hasn’t changed in about 20 years, will increase […] Read more

Vesta plans to begin construction on a  European-designed water treatment plant this fall putting him on schedule to open in the first quarter of 2016.

New Alta. packer seeks Harmony by design

Rich Vesta’s pride in his family’s state-of-the-industry beef-processing plant is evident as he talks about the features that will make Harmony Beef a one-of-a-kind plant in North America. The modernized Rancher’s Beef facility located in a vast industrial area east of Balzac, Alta. is now loaded with the latest European technology to provide a safe, […] Read more

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Sask. looking for beef research ‘centre of excellence’

News Roundup: National Beef Strategy sets targets for industry, and scientists track superbug genes to understand antibiotic resistance

Research Research shakeup proposed for Saskatchewan If Saskatchewan is going to meet its target of raising livestock receipts by 25 per cent it needs everyone pulling in the same direction. As a first step the steering committee set up by the province last April is recommending the creation of a centre of excellence to co-ordinate […] Read more

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Five-year beef plan seeks boosts in demand, efficiency

A new strategy from national and provincial cattle producer and beef marketing agencies has set five-year percentage benchmarks for the industry’s productivity, added value and cost-effectiveness. Canada’s beef sector groups on Wednesday formally released their National Beef Strategy, a guiding document for “how the organizations can work together to best position the Canadian beef industry […] Read more

Has traceability fallen off the track?

Has traceability fallen off the track?

“What happened to recommendations from the cattle summit in Saskatoon?” was the big question of the day at the Livestock Markets Association of Canada’s annual conference this summer, after two senior Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) officials explained the reasons behind a new epidemiological assessment of three movement reporting options that weren’t in the cattle […] Read more