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Winter feed requirements will vary depending on whether the bulls are weanlings, yearlings or mature bulls.

Winter nutrition for bulls

When feeding bulls, the main thing is to assess your goals for those animals, says Dr. Bart Lardner

The bull supplies half the genetics for a calf crop so producers will want to make sure bulls are fertile, healthy and sound, and in good body condition through winter. Young bulls are still growing, so they need adequate energy and protein to support growth as well as maintenance and body condition, and body heat […] Read more

Well-timed updates on bull scrotal circumference

The third edition of the Bull Breeding Soundness outlines a few changes

The Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners (WCABP) has published a third edition of the Bull Breeding Soundness manual written by Dr. Albert D. Barth, which contains some changes to the accepted minimal scrotal circumference for the different breeds at different ages. The old standard was a few years old so this new version is […] Read more

A top-performing bull will leave a lot of daughters in your herd.

A successful calving season starts with your bull

My curling buddy is one of the best young cow-calf managers that I know. I recently asked him what his management strategies were for having a successful calving season. “The No. 1 issue is buying the best bull you can find,” my friend said. “Pay the extra money to get a top-performing bull as he […] Read more

What to expect from a bull’s BSE (breeding soundness evaluation)

The ultimate goal of a bull development program is to raise physically sound bulls that meet or exceed minimum predictors of fertility established by the Society for Theriogenology. Bull breeding soundness evaluations (BBSE) can determine whether bulls meet the standards and help to sort future sires with good potential to achieve high pregnancy rates in […] Read more