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Proper planning is always a part of getting through calving season successfully.

Why calving season is different this year

Vet Advice with Dr. Ron Clarke

The first major event facing cattle producers in 2019 is planning for calving season. This year there is a new wrinkle in managing animal health programs on the ranch: establishing a veterinary-client patient relationship with a veterinarian. This provides an avenue to access medically important antimicrobials through a prescription as needed. There are few ranches […] Read more

Search for simplicity when planning for calving season

Vet Advice with Dr. Ron Clarke

As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The chief work of civilization is making the means of living more complex.” In the cattle industry, striving for optimum production and managing change sparks a counter-impulse toward simplicity. Preparing for calving season is always a chance to look for simpler ways. A big part of getting to “simple” is […] Read more

Taking stock of your vaccines

For some, calving season has already started. Others find themselves on final approach to one of the busiest times of year: calving, preparation for breeding season and spring processing of calves and cows before going to pasture. This is an important time to plan herd health programs for the year, make final adjustments to nutrition […] Read more

Barking calf.

Necrotic laryngitis or calf diphtheria (barker calves)

Veterinarians use various treatments depending on what they've found is most effective

I am sure most producers over the years have had calves develop a throat infection on a sporadic basis. These are the calves which have an extremely loud, inspiratory and expiratory sound which can be heard across the pen. They generally extended their neck to breathe and are in various forms of respiratory distress. The […] Read more

Five steps to a successful calving season

Preparations in advance makes calving season both easier on you and your herd

Calving season is an exciting time of year in most operations. It is exciting to see new calves hitting the ground, but it can also be exciting in more of a pending emergency sort of way. Most herds that have successful, low-drama calving seasons have several things in common, regardless of their calving season, most […] Read more

Pocket record book for the year.

Saskatchewan’s 21-Day Calving Challenge

… a calving record book with a twist

There are three $1,000 vouchers for mineral supplement up for grabs in the Saskatchewan 21-Day Calving Challenge, but everyone is a winner year after year just by paying attention to the reproductive success of their cow herds. The simplest and most effective way to do that is to track calving distribution by counting the number […] Read more