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Ryan and Carolyn Copithorne of Jumping Pound, Alta.

Ready to hire a marketing specialist for your calves?

Ryan Copithorne is betting you are.

A typical marketing plan for many cow-calf producers revolves around hoping to hit a run of good prices when they sell calves, yearlings and cull cows after preg-checking. If the stars don’t align to bring all of the variables together in their favour on sale day — weather conditions for roundup, trucking arrangements, market forces […] Read more

Five steps to a successful calving season

Preparations in advance makes calving season both easier on you and your herd

Calving season is an exciting time of year in most operations. It is exciting to see new calves hitting the ground, but it can also be exciting in more of a pending emergency sort of way. Most herds that have successful, low-drama calving seasons have several things in common, regardless of their calving season, most […] Read more

Calf carrier

A farm built for two

700 cows, a feedlot, two people… and it works

A picture-perfect scene of 700 black cows set against a canvas of white transforms to pairs on a collage of gold and green as Bryce and Dawn McKenzie put the final touches on their calving season. They have the strokes down pat after 38 years in the beef business and share some insights on how […] Read more