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Behind Maple Leaf Foods’ bold call to become carbon neutral

Behind Maple Leaf Foods’ bold call to become carbon neutral

Maple Leaf Foods wants to be carbon neutral for one reason. Its emphasis is no longer about supply-side economics but rather about listening to and serving a market in desperate need of attention

Maple Leaf Foods is not just pretending to be environmentally friendly, it is trying to be a trailblazer in the wild kingdom of proteins. The company has just adopted science-based targets that will help it become the first major agrifood company in the world to be carbon neutral. Clearly motivated by the carbon tax and […] Read more

What business models should we expect from the supply chain to assure the reduction of waste and beef packaging?

75 million cows missing

Straight from the hip with Brenda Schoepp

Food waste is real and as global trade increases, so does the waste. The relationship between food waste and trade is complicated. Food rots because of transportation or infrastructure issues and is the victim of corrupt governments. It is taken by war lords and destroyed by tribal enemies. It is tossed from ships or held […] Read more

Food consumers increasingly want to know how their food is produced, how animals are cared for, and want guarantees that beef is safe and has been produced in a sustainable way.

Tyson leads transparency push on beef production

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay

Consumers in the U.S. and Canada increasingly want to know how their food is produced. As far as beef is concerned, they want to know how animals are cared for, they want guarantees that beef is safe and that it has been produced in an environmentally sustainable way. Until now, the beef industries in both […] Read more

Comment: What caught my eye in London

[UPDATED: Oct. 12, 2018] This past month started off with a bang at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference in London, Ont. No doubt you’ve read yards of material about the three-day event but I wanted to pass on some of my observations as I moved from one event to another while it was still fresh […] Read more

Border collie walking on grass, tongue lolling out of mouth

Beef industry could learn from ‘Champion’ pet food maker

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence is a great start, as long as we fully understand our customers

Mankind has long claimed the sharing of food is an international activity that crosses all borders and beliefs. Ancient history depicts food in love and war and those recordings in stone, paper, parchment, canvas and thread always included other under-the-table guests. For 10,000 years these revered companions, dog or cat, have occupied our historical pages. […] Read more

Cutaway of Plant and Roots in Dirt

We need a return to healthy soil

The relationship between soil health and human health has been recognized throughout history

Back in 1400 BC Moses sent his scouts ahead to Canaan to see what the soil was like and bring back fruit. By 400 BC Hippocrates was relating soil health as part of the overall evaluation of patient health. Flash forward to 1940 and R.A. Hayne proclaimed that “only healthy soil can produce healthy people.” […] Read more

Eco politics and the French connection

When speaking with my farming colleagues from France, they often reflect a worry for their industry. It is not that the French don’t love to eat — non — they continue to flaunt their gastronomic flair. Nor is it because they don’t fancy trade, as the largest producer of agricultural products in the EU they […] Read more