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Using feed bunks ensures cattle consume the highest-quality portions of the plants.

Running the numbers on bale processors

Research shows that bale processors can increase digestibility and cut feed waste, especially if used in the right system

When I was growing up, if someone had mentioned the words “bale processor,” I would have assumed they were describing my twice-daily task of manually transporting heavy square bales from the stack through herds of playful cattle intent on destroying them before they reached their destination. The processing part was snapping the sisal twine and […] Read more

Stretching your hay supply with straw

Feed: News Roundup from the October 23, 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Travis Peardon, the regional livestock specialist in Outlook, Sask., says few producers were reporting an abundance of hay this year, so he presumes many will be stretching what they do have with straw to get their cows through the winter. That being the case, Peardon recently prepared a short primer on straw-bolstered rations for producers […] Read more

Hay shortage could make for difficult winter

CNS Canada — Many cattle producers looking for local feed this winter might have a difficult time, according to a Saskatchewan provincial forage specialist. However, producers further north in the grey and black soil zones, and those in Alberta producing high-quality feed for export, saw near-record hay production. Terry Kowalchuk of Saskatchewan Agriculture in Regina […] Read more

Get the most from weathered feed

Feed: News Roundup from the November 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Weather cut a harsh swath through winter feed supplies all across the country last month causing headaches for cattle producers who were scrambling to salvage what they could from the leavings. In Alberta early snow covered many acres of annual crops grown for greenfeed, raising concerns that it may not dry before it had to […] Read more

The economics behind bale grazing

Grazing with Steve Kenyon

A lot of farmers only see one type of cost when it comes to feeding cattle. They see the feed cost. However, there are other costs which are often overlooked. This would be the act of feeding, also called the yardage cost. The reason this is not always included is because it is not a […] Read more

Don’t waste your expensive feed

This will be a difficult winter for drought-stricken cow-calf producers. It will be essential to make the best use of available feed stocks and look at ways of reducing wastage of this valuable resource. Cows can be very wasteful creatures especially if forages are fed free choice be it dried hay or bale grazing. In […] Read more

Recycle crop residues

Attach a chaff buncher to the back of your combine to collect straw and chaff

Did you know that 80 per cent of what goes in the front of a cow comes out the back end? Most of us might think it is a waste and wonder why the cow is such an inefficient creation? Eighty per cent is wasted! If man made the cow, or at least a machine […] Read more

Feeding non-conventional feeds to cattle

This is a time of year when many of you turn your thoughts to winter feeding programs. In normal years, you typically have a good handle on the quantity and quality of your forage supply and the challenge is to balance the ration with appropriate energy, protein and mineral supplements for the class of cattle […] Read more