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Corn silage in backgrounding diets for cattle

Research on the Record with Reynold Bergen

Recent columns indicated that corn’s potential to produce 50 per cent higher silage (and starch) yields than barley may offset its 30 per cent higher growing costs, provided the right corn hybrid is selected for the local growing conditions, and provided growing conditions co-operate. The higher starch content of corn silage also means that feedlot […] Read more

Fine tuning forage corn agronomics

Feed: News Roundup from the October 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The first year of a three-year corn silage study in Saskatchewan showed a trend toward yield differences between two seed brands across the province’s corn heat unit (CHU) zones. “One brand out-yielded the other in short-season zones and the other brand had the best yields in the longer-season zones,” says Dr. Joy Agnew, project manager […] Read more

With corn feeding, success starts with the planter

The fashionable consumer would like grass fed, that in itself is highly challenging, but there are merits to forage/grass diets

Corn is a powerful and versatile feed that can carry your herd through winter if you do a few things properly to get the crop off to a good start, says Breeanna Kelln, DuPont Pioneer’s livestock information manager for Western Canada. While corn is still a relatively new crop in the West, interest in silage […] Read more

Don’t procrastinate in planning next winter’s feed supply

Comparing the relative feed value of different cattle feeding options

As winter slowly gives way and your thoughts turn to calving and seeding, it is understandable that next winter’s feed supply may not be first and foremost on your mind. However, depending on the nature of your operation (hay versus silage versus extensive winter grazing) you may or may not have the luxury of time […] Read more