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Sean McGrath says that investing in genomic tools can work for producers as long as they plan to use the technology to make changes to their operations.

Making genomics work for commercial cattle herds

DNA testing and genomic-enhanced EPDs could contribute to more profitable selection, management and marketing decisions for commercial producers

Although the use of genomics is frequently geared toward the seedstock industry, there are options that could lead to improved profits for commercial beef producers. The use of simple DNA tests and genomic profiles enhancing the accuracy of expected progeny differences (EPDs) can have selection, management and marketing benefits for commercial operations, says Sean McGrath. […] Read more

Close-up view of a brown and white Hereford cow's eye. Only part of the cow's head and ear are visible in this image

Delta Genetics sells livestock genotyping services

Research: News Roundup from the February 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Canada’s first complete DNA laboratory dedicated to livestock has sold its genotyping services in order to expand the livestock industry’s use of genomic technologies. Delta Genomics Centre announced in early January that its genotyping services were sold to Neogen Canada Inc. Neogen’s acquisition is projected to provide genomic services at a more affordable price, in […] Read more

Graham Plastow says genomics has the potential to improve the efficiency of
commercial cattle.

Genomic tools for crossbred cattle in the works

The structure of the beef industry poses challenges

Genomic technologies may soon be available to predict traits in commercial cattle, according to University of Alberta researchers. Graham Plastow, CEO of the University of Alberta’s Livestock Gentec Centre, spoke about current opportunities for commercial producers to benefit from genomic tools and technologies in development during the Canadian Beef Breeds Council’s Technical Forum. This was […] Read more

A more rapid refinement of the EPD profiles can only be a good thing, says Jay Cross.

EPDs sped up

Considering the practical implications of BOLT EPDs

For Jay Cross of Bar Pipe Hereford Ranch, Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) play a significant role in breeding functional cattle. “Particularly in the last 10 years, we have recognized that an increasing number of our customers are driven by EPDs,” says Cross, who ranches at Okotoks, Alta. The Hereford breeder, whose family has raised cattle […] Read more

First EPDs for udder and teat conformation in the works

First EPDs for udder and teat conformation in the works

Angus herds studied for desirable traits to improve genetic selection

That first feeding of colostrum invariably charts the course for a calf’s future success and profitability. Knowing that the dam’s udder and teat structure is important to a successful first feeding Kajal Devani, is aiming to improve the genetic selection for improved mammary conformation in Canadian Angus cattle. Devani, who is the Canadian Angus Association’s […] Read more

The not-so sexy side of genomics

The not-so sexy side of genomics

Breeding: News Roundup from the October 23, 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

New technologies are sexy if they meet three criteria: they open doors to new and wonderful things, they are disruptive, and they are profitable. Genomics is proving to be one of the sexiest technologies in history. All living things are based on DNA and so genomics, the study and manipulation of that DNA, can have […] Read more

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You judge the heifers! Part 1

Can you spot the genomics at work?

As cattlemen, we take pride in our ability to visually judge, select and breed cattle that work in our ranch environment. Often a good group of cattle is judged by its similarities and not its differences, so that’s one visual criteria for selection. With good reason, we also tend to focus on traits that are […] Read more

The Beef Cattle Research Council will present Bov-Innovation on Wednesday, August 10.

Bov-Innovation: Putting Theory into Practice

Research on the Record with Reynold Bergen

There is no shortage of beef industry conferences, workshops and meetings for Canadian beef producers to attend throughout the year. These have included the Canfax forum, the Canada Beef forum, Cattlemen’s Young Leaders forums, industry golf tournaments, tours, national, provincial and breed association meetings, the International Livestock Congress, and many more. Although they are valuable […] Read more

Genome Alberta CEO David Bailey says people’s relationship with food has changed.

Rethinking the public perception of genomics

People’s relationship with food has changed. We now want to know where it came from and how it was raised and grown,” says David Bailey, president and CEO of Genome Alberta, as part of his introductory remarks during a workshop in Calgary this spring to discuss the public side of using genomics to improve cattle […] Read more